Saturday, December 4, 2010

Happi-birthday :>

Birthday is just a day like no other, it is just the day where you woke up feeling hang over, you feel the air is the sweetest, the breeze is the chill-est and the day is best-est. You feel loved & blessed.

I suppose it is the day of reminder also, reminds you where the years have gone. Gone for good or vice versa.

I share my birthday with the month of Christmas celebration. Dec is my favourite month of all months in a year. It is the end of the year too.

Well, this is my birthday speech :3

Thanks for those who love and protect me all this while. I did not say it, but i meant it : I love you all too !

Sunday, November 21, 2010




Sunday, November 14, 2010

本来就喜欢住高楼。就坐在现在这个角度,看见的只是蔚蓝的天空, 感觉自己好像在半空中。两只黑黑的鸽子这时停歇在窗边。偷瞄了我摆放在窗边的植物,俩好像打了个坏主意,可没一会儿又飞走了。




Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It's NEW

I have been officially promoted to another stage of life . I am being announced as financially independent, traffic traumatized victim and a to-be-Friday lover. No more honeymoneymoon. I never thought my job hunting period ended that soon. It ends up i get a pretty good offer from another advertising agency. Though its nothing biggie like LB. If i describe LB as a tree, probably SaaL is a seed.

I was pretty nervous my first day. First, i got my tortoise- car the day before and i am not familiar with the traffic.Second, probably, it's my first official job. Both are agencies so i should be familiar with everything that function, but WRONG! I supposed i'm a spoilt brat in LB, where i have everyone doing everything for me. As SaaL is so small that everything is DIY, including media bookings and quotations that i always have my traffic to deal with in LB. Plus, part of SaaL business comes from recruitment adv, which i know nuts bout it. SaaL isn't dealing much with above the line campaigns and creative, which is my prior interest in agency. Well, humans need to leave their comfort zone to start learning. But for now, deal with it and start from zero, learning the basics.

No doubt, colleagues and bosses are cool, since it's a small team, nothing to politics about. For now, i am feeling comfortable. Though at times in office, i might miss Rach with her clubbing itunes bombarding, i miss Beng calling me Angie, i miss Linda shouting "What the fish!", i miss hangging out in LB heaty big studio with designers, i miss kacau-ing Eddy and Pei Sien with my copies, i miss 38-ing with Caryn, Aurora and Caroline, i miss running around like mad in the spacious office with my FAs, i miss quarreling and negotiating with Liz, i miss fooling around with the humorous art directors....

Crazy thoughts, i should bring in some culture in SaaL. LOLZ.

Alright some clubbing itunes in office for Friday morning!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Another part of my life

I have been attending church choir for some time. In fact, i love it. Anyhow, i still conceive contradict feeling towards it. Especially at times when we have been requested to out-perform ourselves. Feeling extreme exhausted after classes.

But time seems to fly during classes and it seems to be not enough.

I am not good with musical instrument, but i was taught that my voice is my instrument.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010



Wednesday, September 15, 2010